Since 2011, the principals of USREVI Consulting have purchased, renovated, leased, and managed thousands of single-family rentals (SFRs) for investor groups, including large private and public REITs. In 2017 alone, we sourced over 1,100 houses with an aggregate cost basis of $165M including all acquisition costs, renovation expenses and lease-up expenses.

In the second quarter of 2018, for the first time, USREVI Consulting began offering to accredited investors of all sizes the opportunity to participate in the value created by our origination/stabilization platform. The USREOF Feeder Fund I LLC focuses on identifying, acquiring, renovating, and leasing single-family homes and then selling them as stabilized, cash flowing properties to institutional investors and family offices who place a high value on stabilized SFR assets that are immediately accretive to their income statements.

We are the largest and fastest growing originator and operator of SFRs in the Southwest (including Texas) and the Midwest. Our edge in the SFR space results from:

  • Decades of combined real estate experience
  • Access to many sources of SFR inventory in addition to the MLS, including auctions, a large network of wholesalers, and pocket listings and other off-market channels
  • Track record of originating over 7,000 SFRs
  • Track record of successful and profitable sales of SFR portfolios to institutional buyers
  • Relationships with many of the largest owners and operators of SFR portfolios, several of them publicly traded entities that own thousands or tens of thousands of SFRs
  • A sophisticated, integrated, proprietary technology platform that:
    • identifies attractive investment properties (often before they become available on the MLS)
    • automatically analyzes 50+ parameters for each one
    • filters down to those that match our clients’ investment criteria (buy box)
    • supports a very efficient underwriting and offer generation process
    • efficiently tracks all homes through a workflow management system from offer to closing to renovation to leasing to sale, using dozens of data points, status fields, and KPIs

USREOF Feeder Fund I LLC is a 506(c) fund open to all accredited investors. For more information, please contact us using the form below.