Brokerage Services

Whether you are selling a stabilized or non-stabilized SFR portfolio  of assets, USREVI Consulting’s brokerage services can help you. Market your acquisitions to some of the top aggregators in your local real estate market..

We have years of successful experience in buying rehabbing and selling thousands of properties. Through our brokerage services, you can gain the knowledge of how to navigate the real estate market with great efficiency and increased accuracy while reducing cost.

The Importance of Brokerage Services

One of the largest mistakes that a start-up aggregator makes is to ignore brokerage consulting services and believe that they can perform these tasks better on their own. Yes, you could always try to break out on your own, but the chances of failure are high and very expensive.

Some of the ways that our brokerage services can help you include:

  • Staying educated on ways to minimize costs in an acquisition
  • Answer your essential questions without bogging you down with information
  • Creating a business plan around your specific needs
  • Using up-to-date software and a tech-savvy process to push you forward

We know What Aggregators Are Looking For

The USREVI Consulting team is not mired in the past like some of our competitors. We understand that the services provided in the real estate and brokerage industries are constantly evolving. USREVI Consulting is positioned to understand what modern aggregators are looking for in your real estate market by changing with the times and using our experience to push our services forward.

In the last five years we have sold over 6,000 SFR assets to aggregators throughout the United States. Through our unique experience and services, we help you  sell your assets to top aggregators over your local competitors.

Get Results from Brokerage Services with USREVI Consulting

We are dedicated to putting our vast knowledge and experience in the industry to use in helping you buy, rehab, lease and sell property throughout  the United States. Our goal is to assist, consult, educate and provide the necessary services to aggregators of SFR properties.

If you are a start-up aggregator who wants to maximize your savings on your next acquisition or a seasoned aggregator looking to take your business to the next level, give us a call today. Our team is prepared to answer any of your questions and meet your specific needs.