Asset Portfolio Evaluation & Analysis

USREVI Consulting Knows the Importance of Performance

We know that making a large asset investment is not a decision that should be made on a whim. This is why asset portfolio evaluation and analysis is the top service that we have to offer our clients.

We believe in examining the past performance of your potential investment from numerous angles. Strong due diligence helps you understand the direction you should take in your investment and what type of risk is on the table.

Some of the aspects of portfolio performance that we put under the microscope include:

  • Acquisitions performance
  • Rehab start performance
  • Leasing performance
  • Rehab efficiency
  • Cash Flow Analytics
  • Operating Expense Optimization
  • Portfolio Valuation and Disposition Analysis

The success of your investment relies on the success of a proper valuation of your asset portfolio, and that is why we are dedicated to performing a cash-flow valuation that gets you all of the information that you need. USREVI Consulting is prepared to examine your potential asset and help you ensure that you are maximizing the value of each real estate asset.

Distressed Portfolios are On the Table

Distressed real estate investing is an issue that many consulting agencies will not touch due to the complications that arise in the due diligence process of these portfolios. However, at USREVI Consulting, we completely understand the opportunities that can arise from investing in distressed real estate and that is why we have taken the efforts to truly understand our duty as consultants from the all potential angles.

We can help you examine distressed portfolios with issues that include real estate-related debt, property development or redevelopment, assets with inadequate capitalization, market inefficiencies and more.

The Dangers of Poor Due Diligence

The bottom line is that poor due diligence will cost you and your investors a lot of time and money in a real estate investment. Lack of proper diligence allows major red flags to go unnoticed, and the potential for you to leave a lot of money on the table once the ink dries on your acquisition contract.

Don’t leave thousands on the table due to inadequate evaluation and analysis of your potential assets. Let a professional consulting firm show you how to navigate a portfolio with efficiency and confidence