SFR Proprietary Software

In a competitive real estate market where investors of all types seek the next lucrative investment, one of the ways that some try to get a leg-up on the competition is through real estate software.

USREVI Consulting is proud to offer our clients an exclusive chance to utilize our SFR proprietary software. Since we own the rights to this program, you are guaranteed to have a unique edge in market information when you choose to invest your time in us.

Work Faster and Smarter with Your Investments

Our SFR software gives you the power to analyze, offer and purchase SFR at what seems like lightspeed compared to your competition. Our product allows you to perform important investment tasks in 1/20th of the time that it would take a conventional agent or broker.

Other advantages to using our software include:

  • Acquisition potential to extend an offer at the click of a button
  • Instant ProFormas with underwriting criteria and sales/rental comps
  • Optimization of Closings
  • Rehab Estimation
  • Invoice processing tied directly to properties, allowing instant budget vs. actuals views
  • Tracking of Utilities for new acquisitions
  • End to end workflow automation from due diligence research to lease up
  • Instant analytics providing real time visibility to both investor and capital provider
  • Training

Track Your Results in Real-Time with Our SFR Software

With SFR proprietary software provided by USREVI Consulting you can track the processes and procedures of your investment in real-time. This gives you the chance to spot red flags in your project before they become problems.

The ability to effectively track your project’s progress allows you to rest easy knowing that you won’t leave any money on the table at the end of the day.

USREVI Consulting Helps Manage Your Performance

Take the stress out of investments, refurbishments and more! USREVI Consulting allows you to experience the progress of your project’s performance as it unfolds.

If you are eager to make your next property investment a successful venture, get in touch with USREVI Consulting. Our team has the experience and tools on hand to be able to guide your firm through any investment of any size. Email us today to schedule a consultation.