USREVI CONSULTING Just Filed USREOF FEEDER FUND I to Provide Stabilized SFR to the Top SFR Institutions

USREVI CONSULTING Just Filed USREOF FEEDER FUND I to Provide Stabilized SFR to the Top SFR Institutions

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DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–USREVI CONSULTING (, a single-family rental consulting company with over 8,000 single-family homes bought, renovated, leased and sold under its belt, announces the launch of its first single-family rental (“SFR”) feeder fund. By raising $100 million in capital with debt facilities of $200+ million, USREOF will leverage proprietary software developed by its affiliate, Lean Six Sigma optimized processes and automation, coupled with its relationships with the top aggregators of SFR in the country to provide quality stabilized homes to the rapidly growing institutionalization SFR investors in the U.S.“Single-Family Rentals are the second largest commercial real estate asset class in the U.S. following multi-family, yet institutional investors make up only 2% of the entire class. Don’t get me wrong, that has increased almost 100% over the last 16 months,” said Merrill Kaliser, CEO of USREVI CONSULTING. “We’re excited to offer an investment opportunity under 506(c) to accredited investors wanting to be a part of the fastest growing asset class. What distinguishes USREOF FEEDER FUND from the typical ‘buy and hold’ fund, is that we will acquire, stabilize and sell to the top aggregators; thereby, reducing their cash drag and necessity to maintain internal operations surrounding the acquisition, renovation and leasing allowing them to focus on the cash flow aspect of the business.”

Since 2012, the principals have, in aggregate, sourced, renovated, leased, property managed and sold over 8,000 SFR homes, in Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Indiana and Alabama or approximately $1.3 billion in value. The principals have provided these real estate services for Building & Land Technology, Colony, Ovation Partners, Altisource Residential/Front Yard Residential, and FirstKey Homes/Cerberus.

USREOF FEEDER has positioned itself to become a national supplier of stabilized assets to the top aggregators in the country and allow accredited investors to participate. The Fund anticipates turning stabilized assets every 4-7 months over a two to two and one-half year time frame. “We refer to this model as the rinse and repeat,” says Gunnar Teltow, CIO of USREVI CONSULTING.

Once fully capitalized, USREOF anticipates acquiring 200-350+ homes per month in select markets and leveraging USREVI Consulting and other affiliates for acquisition, rehab, leasing, and property management services until the assets are sold.


USREVI CONSULTING and its affiliates have been leveraging their proprietary real estate software, business intelligence and analytics and Lean Six Sigma principles to disrupt the SFR industry. The company and its affiliates currently operate in 6 metropolitan areas, including Dallas-Fort Worth, St. Louis, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Houston, and San Antonio. For more information regarding investment opportunities:

Merrill Kaliser, 972-567-6099